About the project

The “Archive of Violence” initiative was established in late 2020 and follows the research conducted by the Re:Baltica centre for investigative journalism regarding domestic violence in Latvia as well as the “Dod pieci! 2020” (Give Five) charity campaign organised by Latvijas Radio 5 together with other media and the Ziedot.lv charity organisation.

The goal of the “Archive of Violence” is to document the history of different types of violence in Latvia and let victims safely tell their stories. A special digital platform has therefore been created for victims to write about their experiences and submit these stories to the archive.

The “Archive of Violence” is part of the Autobiography Collection at the Archives of Latvian Folklore of the University of Latvia Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art (LU LFMI), which already contains a variety of autobiographical materials such as diaries, memories, life stories and letters.

The “Archive of Violence” is created as a non-public collection. It is intended only for research or artistic purposes addressing the topic of different types of violence. The creators of the Autobiography Collection will individually evaluate every application for the use of the stories submitted to the archive.

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